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BIP39 Typer

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This website is a little toy project I made over the week-end. It was so cold out (-40 degrees Celcius), I had to find something to keep me busy inside and so here it is: a BIP39 word typer using SvelteKit.

For those of you that do not know, BIP39 is the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal that suggested we use a mnemonic code composed of english words (the seed words) to have a more user-friendly way to generate deterministic wallets.

BIP39 therefore uses a collection of 2048 words, that are unambiguous: the first four letters are sufficient to uniquely determine a word and where pairs of similar words are avoided (woman vs women for example). If you're wondering what these words are, simply start typing, or look through them (you can verify that any 4 letter combination yields at most one word 😉)!